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Tribute to Mohamed Sijelmassi: A life in the service of culture 

The Mohamed Sijelmassi Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, published, 10 years after his death, a tribute book  to Doctor Mohamed Sijelmassi titled «Maroc, Culture, Art et Mémoire».

The presentation of this book took place at a ceremony organized, October 18, at the King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saoud Foundation in Casablanca.

The event was marked by personal testimonies such as André Azoulay, advisor to King Mohammed VI, Ali Benmakhlouf, Professor at the University of Paris-Est Créteil and Mohamed-Sghir Janjar, researcher and Deputy Director the King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saoud Foundation.

For the record, the late Mohamed Sijelmassi was a doctor, writer, photographer and editor. During his lifetime, he devoted his research to the cultural, civilizational and artistic heritage of Morocco.

Working primarily for the valorization and transmission of heritage, he has published around thirty books that serve as reference, thanks to the quality of their scientific content and the illustrations that accompany them.

Many personalities, academics, researchers, doctors and writers shared some exciting testimonies of their common intellectual adventures with him. They’re all gathered in this book.