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Tribute to Late Fatima Mernissi at the International Female Writers Conference

Written by FDM

Writers, poets, and artists from all over the world paid a posthumous tribute to Moroccan writer and artist Fatima Mernissi, in light of the 13th International Female Writers Conference, which is held for the first time in an Arab and African country.

Roughly a hundred of women writers, mainly from Latin America, Algeria, Egypt and Spain, met at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Abdelmalek Saadi University to honor the memory of a woman of multiple talents and generous contributions to the literary and societal space of Morocco.

“We are honored to host this international event in this city of culture and influence, and within this faculty that offers a space for studying cultures and literary and artistic creativity,” said the Dean of the faculty of letters, Mohammed Saad Zemmouri.

The holding of the 13th International Female Writers Conference, centered on the theme: “Where women conquer the word for a world of peace”, “reflects the image and place of Morocco in the international cultural scene,” said M Zemmouri in a statement to the MAP.

For him, the tribute paid for Fatima Mernissi, throughout this cultural Mass that continues until October 29, is not only a tribute to “the late writer and academician but also her contribution to the rehabilitation of women in Morocco and the Arab World”.

Overall, the event aims to highlight the tangible and intangible heritage, to shed light on the creativity of women writers in the world and to encourage young people to write with the help of dedicated workshops led by professionals.