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Travel Weast, plural singularities revealed by the Attijariwafa bank Foundation

Written by FDM

For this spring, the Attijariwafa bank Foundation celebrates its 70th exhibition under the sign of intercultural dialogue at the Actua art space, a commitment that it has maintained for nearly 40 years with the actors of the profession.

The TRAVEL WEAST exhibition, offered by the Attijariwafa bank Foundation, is part of the artistic vision of the latter, with the Arkane association’s collection partnership. It is the result of a selection of works honoring young promising talents from the emerging scene as well as tutelary figures from the collections of the two institutions.

The social commitment of women, the problems of the environment and access to energy, immigration, urbanization are the main topics of this exhibition with works that express the desire to reclaim territories, heritage, identities, by the transformation of the look that art allows.

Semantic contraction of “West” and “East”, TRAVEL WEAST invites to a trip to the four poles of the continent and brings together no less than 35 artists coming from 18 countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, Algeria, Burkina Faso …), of which most are exhibiting for the first time at the Actua art space.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to review the role played by the Attijariwafa bank Foundation for more than 40 years in promoting emerging artists, the sharing of artistic approaches, the education of young people in art and encouragement to artistic entrepreneurship.