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TOTAC, the new club for reading, writing, and storytelling

Written by FDM

An original book club has just been created in Casablanca. Initiated by TOTAC, a training academy for trainers, the Club will organize its activities around reading, writing and sharing high impact books.

Called TOTAC Book, the new book club officially launched on December 21st in Casablanca aims to highlight best sellers in personal development, biographies of personalities who have marked the world, and pure literary works.

The objective, according to its initiators, is not to read as a hobby, but rather as a means to learn, by reading, writing, and storytelling, in order to succeed. Bi-monthly meetings will be organized, allowing invitations to authors to discuss their books.

The other objective of the new club is to encourage members to produce a collective book each year based on what they learned from the books read. Public speaking is not to be outdone, since it will be on the program of each meeting, by “recounting” in the TEDx manner each of the books chosen.

The creation of this book club was marked by three interventions. The first, on the state of reading in Morocco, was provided by Fatma Kachkach, member of the club, Master coach and Teacher in communication. The second, on the club charter and how it works, was made by Dr. Nazha Hefti, a founding member of the club. The third on the experience of writing a book by journalist Mohamed Charrouk.