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‘Top Chef’ middle east winner: Moroccan Essam Jafari

Written by Amal Asebriy

Moroccan  Essam Jafari was crowned the winner of Top Chef in the first Arabic edition of the cooking show.

During yesterday’s grand finale  on MBC, the road trip that’s been called Top Chef has finally come to an end.   Essam Jafari, Hala Ayash and Abdul Fattah Al Sawi were the only three remaining.

The three finalist battled the title out in a challenge consisting of  preparing a Menu that describes their character with a secret ingredient to be added in the middle of each course. The key is to blend the secret ingredient (no matter how inconvenient) with the rest of the recipe in a creative and appealing way.

Abdul Fattah Al Sawi was the least fortunate among the three as he chose to prepare a beaf dish  that took more than 30 minutes to cook, which led to his elimination in the first round.  Leaving Essam and Hala competing head to head for the title.

After a tough deliberation and intense feelings taking over the finalists, it’s time for the announcement. Essam Jafari  is the first Arabian Top Chef  to walk away with a cash prize of $100,000 with his exquisite cooking techniques.