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Timitar Off Festival: What are art and culture really for? (Photos)

Written by FDM

“Art and culture, what are they really for?” A question that  Islamologist, Rachid Benzine, movie director, Abderrazak Zitouny,  education specialist Hassan Fnini, and academic Hassan Ouahbi, were invited to debate, July 4, at the Timitar Off in Agadir. A discussion that is far from trivial when investing culture becomes an emergency.


Art is not a luxury but a priority for the future of any society. The four prestigious guests who were invited to the first roundtable of the Off program of the Timitar Festival have demonstrated, for more than three hours at the Sofitel Bay Resort, the need to invest in art. The specialist in education  Hassan Fnini was in charge of animating this lively and interesting debate.

During this session, the guests agreed on a definition for culture: It is the art of raising the man who does not rest on his certainties but questions himself to advance better. The problem today, ” is that we do not put enough work on students, says Hassan Fnini who started the reflection. Today, our only goal in teaching is to ensure that our students have good marks in the baccalaureate, while having good results does not mean having a civic spirit, citizen, etc.” And he insisted: ” The school of tomorrow needs to train our children to acquire another intelligence”. An intelligence that creates connections and culture has this power to coordinate. Abderrazak Zitouny, who directed the play ” Letters to Nour ” * which will be performed this July 4th for the first time in Amazigh, took the example of Cirque du Soleil which attracts crowds and brings together, on stage, artists from 45 countries.

Art has the ability to promote this life-together and values, but still it is necessary to develop a cultural project in the country, as the director pointed out, before giving the floor to Hassan Ouahbi and to Rachid Benzine who warned about the danger of a dehumanization of society. But “culture makes us vulnerable, and therefore, closer to each other,” he says, ” in the West and some African countries, we are paying today the consequences of a lack of culture.”

* Letters to Nour based on Rachid Benzine’s novel