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Timitar 2019: performances by Zakaria Ghafouji, Ismaël Lô and Raissa Fatima Tihihit (photos)

Written by FDM

The second evening of the 16th edition of Timitar Signs and Culture took place yesterday, Thursday, July 4th in 3 different places: Al Amal Square, Theater of Greenery and Al Wahda Square. The magic was still there, and the public had a great time with their favorite artists.

Like yesterday, the public was at the rendezvous to attend the concerts of their favorite artists. The first to take up the stage of Al Amal Square were the troops of Ahwach Haha Tamanar and Rais Aarab Atigui. Amazigh melodies and sonorities carried away the audience who repeated some of the choruses.

The festive atmosphere continued with the artist Ismaël Lô. This worthy Senegalese music representative ensured a highly applauded performance and conquered the public thanks to his rich repertoire.

Meantime, the rising Moroccan star, Zakaria Ghafouli sang his famous title “Hobino” (30 million views on Youtube) that has left no one indifferent. The last concert was proposed by Addictive TV, a group that surprised the audience with its audio-visual performance.

The festival-goers who opted for the theater of greenery have particularly appreciated the concerts proposed as part of the tribute to the word of the Rwayes, scheduled every evening, and which each time invites representatives of this ancestral art. This Thursday, it was Rais Moulay Idar Lmzoudi, Rais Mohamed Bismomyn, the orchestra Rais Lahcen Idhammou and Raïss Mohamed Amrrakchi who proudly represented the word of the Rwayess.