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Timitar 2019: Female artists’ voices beam in the third night (photos)

Written by FDM

The ladies definitely took away the third night of the 16th edition of the Timitar, Signs and Culture Festival. The beautiful voices of Soukaïna Fahsi of Morocco, and Syrian Faya Younan, resonated in the Verdure theatre while Raissa Fatima Tachtoukt rocked the big stage of Al Amal.

While Moroccan Soukaïna Fahsi and Syrian Faya Younan come from different backgrounds, they have more things in common than one. Their soft, pure and crystalline voices that transported the audience into a romantic atmosphere. Not to mention their values, as they sing about love, family, identity values, women’s strength and power in a patriarchal world.

Soukaïna Fahsi took up the stage of Verdure theatre first. This young singer, who has been much talked about in recent months, is yet a diva in the making. Her songs, all written and composed by herself, bring us into a serene atmosphere thanks to the choice of sounds. Her interpretation of Kharboucha, strongly demanded by the audience, is simply sublime. It is with the song Joudia, a tribute to her mother that closed her enchanting concert.

The second singer that took away the stage was none other than Faya Younan, the Syrian singer with a sublime voice. Her hour-long singing tour was highly applauded by audiences who were totally won over when she performed a Moroccan song “Ya bent bladi”, followed by another popular Syrian song in Assyrian, an ancient local dialect of her country.

In addition to these two singers, the evening was marked by a tribute to the word of the rwayess, worn this time by Raissates, like the Raissa Fatima Tachtoukt who has seduced the public, in Al Amal stage, with a repertoire inspired by the tradition of Sousse, and the strong and melodious voice of the troupe has literally bewitched the audience.

The highlight of the evening was none other than the Moroccan singer Hatim Ammor. Happy and proud to meet Timitar, he did not hide his joy and gave the occasion a broad overview of his repertoire. In short, July 5th surely was a highly successful evening.