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Thousand-year-old history of Morocco exposed at Rabat’s Museum of History and Civilizations

Written by FDM

The Museum of History and Civilizations in Rabat will be hosting the exhibition “Morocco through the ages”, which traces the country’s millennial history, until January 30, 2021.

The exhibition “Morocco through the ages” reveals a rich route of more than 450 archaeological objects and traces the thousand-year-old history in Morocco, as announced by the National Museums Foundation (FNM) in a press release.

The exhibition is made up of three major parts: the Acheulean in the 19th century, passing through the various prehistoric, ancient, and medieval civilizations. In particular, rock engravings, Libyan and Latin inscriptions, ancient votive stelae and Islamic prismatic stelae, or even ancient works in white marble and bronze, masterpieces of Roman sculpture discovered in Morocco such as the famous bronze pieces from Juba II, General Cato, and the Ephebes, all from ancient Roman colonies, such as Volubilis.

The museum presents works that are not often accessible by their place of conservation. Thus, this educational journey offers real insight through the ages.