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This woman launches a new app to help Saudi women claim their rights

Written by FDM

An app to know your rights doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Especially in a country like Saudi Arabia where hundreds of women are being ripped out of their rights without their knowledge.

« Know Your Rights » app is the idea of  Nasreen Alissa, a young Saudi lawyer who returned to the kingdom after years of studying in the U.K. and Canada. Her first months of work allowed her to realize that thousands of women in her country didn’t know their legal rights.

« I figured why not create an app and I can always update it with new laws and regulations. » Alissa told CNNMoney. After years of work, « Know Your Rights » eventually launched on the 4th of July, 2016.

Today, the app helps Saudi women find more independence and empowerment. Since its launch, it has been downloaded over 35k times. In a recent interview with StepFeed, Anissa disclosed: « We’ve tracked over 25K iOS downloads in addition to over 10K downloads on Android.(…)  The app also features a video that explains how a woman can file a lawsuit on her own, without the need to hire a lawyer and many have used it to do that ».

In recent years, many Saudi women, including Alissa, have called for reforms in laws that govern the rights of women in Saudi Arabia.