Thin vegetables tart

Written by FDM

A puff pastry, vegetables to your taste and a drizzle of olive oil and voila. Here’s a fine tart that smells like summer breeze. Easy to make and it is sure to please.


(for 2 people)

200 g puff pastry
70 g of eggplant marinated in olive oil
70 g marinated peppers
70 g marinated zucchini
70 g of marinated tomatoes
70 g of artichoke hearts
40 g of mozzarella
Some fresh basil leaves
A drizzle of olive oil
Some nuts
Parmesan and butter according to your taste


Stir in the puff pastry and bake it at 200°C for 7 minutes. Once it turns gold, line it with the crushed tomato; gently place the vegetables in, top it with mozzarella and put everything in the oven at 180°C degrees until the cheese melts. Season with pesto and decorate with some fresh basil leaves.