The World’s most expensive wedding cake costs one million US dollars 

Written by FDM

Although wedding cakes are notorious for costing quite a bit of money, none would be willing to spend a million dollars on a cake, even if it were a life-size replica of the bride.

Nevertheless, a chocolate and diamond bride cake worth one million U.S. dollars was seen on display during the Bride Dubai exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates February 7, 2018.

The original wedding cake was composed of 5 diamonds, 5000 flowers and 1000 edible pearls. It is one of the most expensive cakes in the world. Debbie Wingham , a 36-year-old British designer, received a special order from Dubai. This life-size wedding cake measures 1.80 meters and weighs over 100 kg!

Exhibited at the Dubai Wedding Fair held from February 7 to 10, this creation caught the attention of visitors and Internet users around the world. If some find it kitsh and others exceptional, one thing is certain, the work done requires absolute talent and perfect mastery!

To prepare this wedding cake, the designer used no less than 1000 eggs, 20 kg of chocolate, 50 kg of icing, nearly 5000 hand-picked flowers and edible pearls. And that’s not all ! The fabric of the wedding dress is made of rice paper, and the veil is composed of 5 diamonds of three carats (worth 226,000 euros each on average).

It took her 10 days of work to prepare and decorate this atypical work, and put this cake among one of the most expensive in the world: more than a million dollars! Though it remains impressive, this edible woman is not the most expensive cake. Debbie Wingham holds the most expensive pastry record, priced at $ 50 million. Stars even call on her, like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber or rapper Drake.