The transmission of heritage through culinary arts

Hind Chaouat, founder of Visage du Maroc, has organized a conference on the 5th of June in Casablanca on the transmission of heritage through the art of cooking. 

The event took place at the Sofitel Tour Blanche at 9 pm. The conference was led by two passionate women, researchers, and internationally renowned experts in the culinary arts: Fatema Hal and Maguy Kakon.

Visage du Maroc showcases women who inspire the new generation. “Far from the clichés, these exceptional women open new avenues to advance Morocco and try to overcome the inequalities that hinder,” reads the website

Visage du Maroc is also a digital platform that allows archiving and referencing these routes on the internet. Every month, two women are honored. A portrait is made in a sober and faithful frame with the greatest respect for their identity. Visage du Maroc is also a program consisting of a Symposium and a cycle of conferences.