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« The soundtrack of a woman’s life » the clip that challenges sexism

Written by FDM

The French association « Une femme, un toit » has put together an animated video to condemn sexism and aggression that a woman is subjected to on a daily basis.

A sense of déja vu hits home when contemplating this video in which all sexist words that a woman could hear are compiled.  For a minute and 45 seconds, the video shows a drawing of a woman who walks as she grows old and goes through each stage of life along with an audio that pronounces all the misogynist remarks, manifestations of violence or even typical phrases judging women by the looks throughout their life.

Collected, as if these words have become a custom, the woman continues on her way. « No, you do not play football, you’re a girl! « But tell me, you are a real little woman now! Would you not come on my lap? « With CelluMinceur + 6 weeks to be beautiful », « Don’t be such a nun, did you see how you made me look », « The same salary as him? » But why ? « .