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The souks of Marrakech among the world’s best places to shop

Marrakech gets another “best place” title, but this time it is for its shopping amenities. The city’s very popular markets (souks) have been chosen as one of the world’s best places to shop.

“ It is color, madness and mayhem, a labyrinthine journey through the time tunnel and one of the most astonishing retail experiences the world has to offer”, said Stuff, the news website, to explain their choice for the souks of Marrakech as one of the world’s best places to shop. A spot that people from around the globe come to visit, and especially to shop. With colorful and such diversified offerings as carpets, pottery, jewelry, clothes, accessories, beauty products, spices, and even food, the website added; “It's a full frontal assault on the senses with fascination every inch of the way”.

Offering some very specific advice on the best time to go shopping, the best way to haggle, how to buy specific products, and even suggestions for a pit-stop and the most appropriate hotel to stay in, the website gave a very thorough description of the shopping experience in the souks.

Besides to the souks of Marrakech, The Stuff’s list also included; The grand bazaar in Istanbul, The Christmas market in Munich, The Columbia road shops & flower market in London, Akihabara in Tokyo, Et Rastro in Madrid, and The Design district in Helsinki.