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The reason behind Mariah Carey naming her son “Moroccan”

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s decision to name their “Moroccan” has always been intriguing to all of us, and that for so long. But today, we have decided to uncover this mystery.

In the category of confusing, unusual kid names; Mariah Carey’s son definitely takes the lead. Not that the name “Moroccan” bothers us in any way, however it is sounds like a pretty difficult name to carry around, especially for a child, and that no matter what the reason behind it is.

According to the diva, there is a deep sentimental explanation for the choice of that particular name. Born on Mariah Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon’s third year of marriage, the couple put a lot of thought in naming their kids. While their daughter’s name “Monroe” comes from the singer’s love for Marilyn Monroe, with their son “Moroccan” it is a whole other story.

Apparently the top tier of Mariah’s lavish New York apartment is called the “Moroccan room”; due to its décor inspiration, and which also happens to be the place where Nick proposed to her marriage. So voilà, the kid was named after a room…