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The five world’s most dangerous megacities for women

Written by FDM

Cairo, Karachi, Kinshasa, New Delhi and Lima are the world’s most dangerous megacities for women, according to a recent poll conducted by the Thonson Reuters Foundation.

Hundreds of experts from the Thonson Reuters Foundation conducted a poll on cities that are safer to women. 19 out of the 31 megacities referenced by the United Nations were selected and classified into four key areas in order to come up with a ranking.

Sexual Violence: The risk of being the victim of sexual violence (harassment, sexual assault or rape). And the worst city for women in this case is New Delhi, tied with Sao Paulo, Cairo and Mexico City, tied with Dhaka.

Access to Healthcare: Difficult access to healthcare (including non – existent or weak gynecological controls and high maternal mortality rate). In the top 5, Lima ranks first, followed by Kinshasa, Karachi, tied with Cairo, and New Delhi.

Cultural practices that are harmful to women such as genital mutilation, early or forced marriages and female infanticide. Cairo comes in first place, then Karachi, Dhaka and Jakarta tie with Kinshasa.

Economic Opportunities: Difficulties access to economic resources such as education, land ownership or other forms of property, or finance (opening a bank account or access to credit). Among the 5 worst megalopolis in the world for women, we find Kinshasa, followed by Cairo, Karachi, New Delhi and Lima.