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The fight of the Moroccan Latifa Ibn Ziaten made into a film

Written by FDM

The fight led by Moroccan Latifa Ibn Ziaten since the death of her son Imad in a terrorist attack five years ago in Toulouse, France was brought to the big screen through a documentary film released , Wednesday, in the cinemas of the hexagon.

Entitled « Latifa, le cœur au combat », this documentary which was directed by fiction and documentaries filmmakers, Olivier Peyon and Cyril Brody, portrays the life of this courageous lady and the combat she leads, through her Imad ibn Ziaten youth association for peace.

They followed Ms. Ibn Ziaten  for a year in her interventions and trips throughout France, Morocco and other countries. It is a luminous portrait of a courageous woman who was not stopped by any obstacle, making her pain a vital impulse to help others, the authors of this documentary said in an interview with the magazine « The Africa Point ».

Through the tragic destiny of this woman, this documentary also describes France today, with all these big questions: integration, terrorism, the status of women, and interfaith tolerance said Cyril Brody.

Olivier Peyon for his part said that this film is very feminist. Beyond secularism, religion, it sweeps away all the clichés about the Muslim woman, he added noting that with her traditional headscarf, Latifa is a strong woman, who does her own thing. She serves as an example to many girls. She has always taken her destiny into her own hands.