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The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards 2019: Would you dare?

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards changes the life of an entrepreneur. To win an envelope of $ 100,000 while receiving support, Gabrielle de Mijolla, coordinator of this award whose call for applications runs until August 31, made a small stop by Morocco to dissect the selection criteria one by one.

It is no secret that the kingdom is full of exceptional women entrepreneurs, and this price has existed for 12 years. So go ahead, ladies! The call for applications for the 2019 edition runs until August 31st. The winners will receive $ 100,000   and the other 14 finalists will get a sum of $ 30,000. Along with some personalized coaching, media visibility and access to an international professional network as well as the opportunity to join the INSEAD Executive Program (ISEP), as indicated by Gabrielle de Mijolla, the coordinator of this award  at an informative meeting on July 17,  at the CGEM alongside the new AFEM President, Aicha Laasri Amrani, who took the opportunity to announce the launch in 2019 of the first AFEM prize for women’s entrepreneurship.

As for the eligibility criteria to compete in the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, the company must be for profit and directed or co-directed by a woman. The company must also generate income and have  one to three years of existence, and the entrepreneur must have a significant stake – this share is valued according to the shares of other stakeholders. The competition is open to women of all nationalities and all industrial sectors. “For the criteria of files’ evaluation, one then looks at the financial viability of the company, its social impact which must be measurable, its innovating side and the quality of the candidature that is to say what is the entrepreneur’s personality? Does she carry the same values as us? “Says Gabrielle de Mijolla.