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The authenticity of Moroccan railway stations highlighted in two books

Written by FDM

Two books produced by Langages du Sud editions were presented at a launch event on December 12,  at the Casa Port station, in the presence of Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director of the International Union of Railways, Mr. Mohamed Rabie Khlie, Director General of ONCF and Mr. Youssef Melehi, an architect.


Train stations, either new or renovated, are not mere stops but true architectural models in the heart of cities that are borrowed every day by thousands of passengers. “Gares du Maroc” and “Rêve de Gares” are the two beautiful books  which highlight the beauty of train stations in Morocco and those of the whole world, mixing both antique and modern styles.

The first, ” Gares du Maroc”  pays tribute to “the modernity and creativity that are the pride of the country,” says the publisher, in a statement, which also emphasizes that ” by their aestheticism and functionality, the stations announce the ambitions of the railway sector and the great challenges of tomorrow. This book, written by the historian and journalist Marie-Pascale Rauzier, is available in Arabic, French and English, and depicts both the anchoring of  stations in Moroccan tradition and their evolution.

The second book ” Rêves de gare” is a kind of worldwide odyssey that presents the 54 most beautiful or emblematic stations scattered around the globe. An unpublished work conceived in collaboration with the International Union of Railways (UIC) and all the railway companies of the world, which also pays tribute to the stations through the cinema, testifying to their universal dimension. Throughout the pages, each station, chosen within a city, a country or a continent, drives the reader in a moment of beauty and humanity. In two words, a beautiful trip!