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The artist Nawal Sekkat in the spotlight in Agadir 

Written by FDM

Artist-painter Nawal Sekkat is invited to expose her works at the Amazigh Museum in Agadir from October 12 to November 10 under the theme “Laylato Amal” “a night of hope”. The event is scheduled in light of the national day of the Moroccan woman, day of protection and promotion of the rights of the woman.

Since her debut in the world of art in 1992, Nawal Sekkat has managed to share with a large audience her unique sensitivity backed by a certain artistic maturity and obvious humanistic reflection. Through the medium of matter, composition and colors, her creations connote a metaphor that sketches her creative horizon through a happy combination of expressionism and abstract.

In May 2015, the artist made a remarkable exhibition at the Bab Rouah Gallery under the tutelage of the Ministry of Culture, and her works were that same year, the subject of the prestigious Drouot Richelieu auctions in Paris.

In 2016, she was entitled to an individual exhibition at the Abou Inane Galery Gallery of Crédit Agricole in Rabat as part of the Galeries Nights organized by the Ministry of Culture. The year 2017 reveals another facet of Nawal Sekkat’s creativity, namely the book “Une Nuit d’Espérance” in which two means of expressions merge, the texts of Noël Devichi and the paintings of the artist Nawal Sekkat.