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The “American Dream” of Gad Elmaleh will soon be online on Netflix

Written by FDM

The humorist of Moroccan origin will make a comeback to Netflix on March 6 after presenting in January 2017, his one-man show “Gad part en live”.

For the past couple of years, Gad Elmaleh has been living his American dream full speed. Today he gets to share it with the world. To announce the launch of this biographical series which will also be in Moroccan Darija, Hit Radio’s  Momo made a face time in Arabic with the comedian.

In this video, posted on Gad Elmaleh’s Instagram account, the comedian appears half awake and still in bed. He gets a call from Momo at 6 am which made him get up all excited to present his show “American Dream” on Netflix.

Gad’s parents will also appear to play themselves.The series contains eight mini episodes of thirty minutes. Do not miss it!