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Tetouan joins the ranks of “Creative Cities” network of UNESCO

Written by FDM

It was about time. Tetouan city finally joins the ranks of UNESCO’s network of creative cities after 13 years of existence.

The kingdom can now claim its membership of this network created in 2004 and which “aims to put innovation and creativity at the heart of new urban strategies for a more sustainable and inclusive development”, thanks to the city of Tetouan, as pointed up a statement on Tuesday, October 31.

A statement issued to announce the addition of 64 cities in 44 countries to the list by current Executive Director Irina Bokova. “These new designations reflect a greater diversity in city typologies and a better geographical balance, with 19 cities from countries previously unrepresented in the Network,” said current Director Irina Bokova who will be leaving in a few days her place to the French of Moroccan origin Audrey Azoulay.

Concretely, it highlights the creativity of its members around seven domains: arts and crafts, digital arts, design, film, gastronomy, literature and music. And Tetouan was selected for its crafts and folk arts.

Alongside the Moroccan city, there are, among others, large cities such as Istanbul (Turkey), Brasilia (Brazil), Cape Town (South Africa), and Dubai (United Arab Emirates) (named for its Design), Buenaventura (Colombia ) (Gastronomy), Milan (Italy) and Seattle (USA) (Literature), Cairo (Egypt) and Tunis (Tunisia for its Crafts and Folk Art). By being named, ” the Creative Cities are committed to develop and exchange innovative good practices to promote the creative industries, enhance participation in cultural life and integrate culture into sustainable urban development policies “, as emphasized by UNESCO, which states that the Network now has 180 cities scattered in 72 countries.