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TANJAzz celebrates its 20th anniversary

Written by FDM

TANJAzz celebrates its 20th anniversary from September 15th to the 22nd, “surrounded by those who love you and those who have accompanied you throughout your life” as promised by its creator, Philippe Lorin, in a dedication signed “Ton papa”, in the highlight of the festival site. In other words, an exceptional edition is coming!

This is a grandiose edition that the organizers of TANJAzz propose for the 20 years of the festival. Indeed, this year, the event lasts a little longer. It will take place from Sunday, September 15 to Sunday, September 22, for a full eight days.

In other words, it will be twice the size of a “normal” TANJAzz, the first four days being dedicated to the off festival and the free stages. For its 20th anniversary, TANJAzz invites 28 artists or formations that have already been acclaimed on the festival stages, some of which became headliners after being discovered in Tangier. Several “historical” artists will be present, some of whom have agreed to perform for free during the first edition to “kick off” the festival, the organizers pointed out in a statement. Among them, the Moroccan Fouad Hani, who will have the honor to open this 20th festival, followed the next day by Wab with his Funky Machine.

The four members of Awek who have already attended in 2012, are also expected, the volcanic Sylvia Howard and The Black Label Swingtet, the British The Jive Aces, the New York Circular Time, the Italian Nico Morelli, the sublime Shakura S’Aïda, or the two young shoots revealed by TANJAzz programming, Anne Sila (promotion 2016) and Kicca (2010).

But the list of programmed artists does not stop there. It is very long! This year, to make the city even more radiant, new places will resonate with jazzy rhythms like the garden of the Kasbah museum for the concerts in the afternoon, the TGV station and the Tanger City Mall, the space of cultural animation Tabadoul, as well as the partner hotels Barcelò, Continental, Marina Bay. In short, it’s ought to be one of a kind edition.