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Tangier: The pedophile fqih is convicted

Written by FDM

A few days after the rape and murder of little Adnane, another case of rape of minors shakes the city of Tangier. Arrested by the royal gendarmerie and brought before the attorney general of the court of the first instance of Tangier, a fqih in a village near the city has allegedly confessed to the charges against him.

This time, it was parents of underage girls who lodged a complaint against a fqih (expert in Islamic Law) in a Quranic school. The individual allegedly abused his students for many years. Two of his previous students, now aged 15 and 16, said the fqih had sexually abused them for more than 8 years.

During this period, the fqih allegedly sexually assaulted 8 girls and 4 boys and deflowered three girls. The pedophile victims said they were afraid to speak up, and only as they got older did they understand what was happening to them and what they endured in silence. The pedophile fqih, 49 years old and a father, has been remanded in custody.

The latest report from the Presidency of the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicates that sexual assault occupies the first place in the sad classification of crimes committed against children. The latest figures released show 2,800 cases of sexual assault, the majority of which was committed with violence. The number of cases reached 7,263 cases in 2018 against 5,980 in 2017.