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Taekwondo: Moroccan selection wins seven medals at an international tournament

Written by FDM

The Moroccan taekwondo selection has taken away seven medals from the international tournament held from November 15 to 17 in Paris. Among the medalists, a majority of women!

Seven is the number of medals won by the Moroccan taekwondo team at the end of the international tournament that took place in Paris. Among the medals, one gold, three silver and three bronze.

The gold medal was won by champion Abdelbasset Wasfi (-63 kg), silver by Soukaina Sahib (-46kg), Wafae El Atri (-67 kg) and Nada Laaraj and bronze by Safia Salih ( – 62 kg), Fatima-Ezzahra Aboufaras (+73 kg) or Ayoub Bassel (+87 kg).

 At the end of the competition, the Moroccan team ranked fourth in the world rankings among 53 other participating countries, as the Moroccan Royal Taekwondo Federation declared.

(With MAP)