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Ta7rir, the NGO that comes to the rescue of artists, especially women 

Written by FDM

Ta7rir NGO has been supporting creation and entrepreneurship especially among women and young artists for six months in Morocco. A little recap on this large but essential work.

Only six months of existance, Ta7rir has already made a good record. Founded to support Moroccan creativity, Ta7rir has built a community of more than 40 partners including 10 creative spaces, and has selected more than 300 artists including 160 women.

The association also concocted 5 workshops that attracted more than 200 people. The themes being on creative project design, the link between branding and local heritage, or the relationship between passion for writing and awareness of social challenges.

The NGO also helped create 83 products taking shape during 8 artist residencies. Among them, a rap in which singers, especially women, have talked about social challenges through a track created at a record time. It only took 48 hours to produce both a beat and the song with the clip.

Other initiatives of Ta7rir: the graffiti for gender equity, or the launch of Ma9ha which is as much a chain of inspiration as sharing. The NGO Ta7rir has rewarded and supported three beautiful projects.

The first one is Women Power by Zainab Fasiki, which is a series of workshops that helps young Moroccan artists in their careers, pushing them to become more involved in the community, and to tackle the challenges of the world. The second crowned project is La Double Croche by Fatine and Yussra Alouane. This company focuses on designing hand-made luxury shoes inspired by music. And the last is L’blend of Aimane Idhajji and Younes Idihoum, which is a creative space based in Tiznit, mixing art, technology and entrepreneurship.

Ta7rir also has the support of an audience. On social networks, it has more than 10,000 subscribers, 55% of whom are women.