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Swedish MEP brings her baby to European Parliament

Written by FDM

Last week, a Swedish MEP member brought along her 8-months baby to vote at the European Parliament in what seemed as an uncommon scene. Now she calls for work environments to be more « child friendly ».

Jytte Guteland’s picture with her son, Uno, on her knees went viral last week after being shared hundreds of times on Twitter.  The social democrat was giving a speech on the famine in Yemen in the European Parliament on Wednesday, when she brought Uno into the chamber.

The MEP said to Radio Sweden that she had brought him out of necessity rather than to make a statement. But seeing the reaction it has sparked, she now wants to normalize bringing children to work so that parents could do so when necessary.

« Even though it was not my intention that he should be photographed, I think it’s important to point out that we need to be able to have politicians with babies, because we need to have poltiicians with all experiences of life. I hope it can be a role model for others. »

Social media users were quick to praise her and calling her  » impressive » and a « multi-tasker ».

It is not the first time Guteland has brought her child to the European parliament nor she is the first to do so.  Her predecessor Åsa Westlund also brought her baby into the chamber. It looks like Swedish people are more used to bringing their babies along to work.

Can you imagine it done in other countries?