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Suzanne Harroch captivates audience at “Les rendez-vous de l’histoire” festival

Written by FDM

In Debdou, Oriental city, the Moroccan singer Suzanne Harroch conquered, on October 29th, the hearts at the festival “Les rendez-vous de l’histoire” which signs its very first edition. A repertoire that combines, with finesse, two languages: Arabic and Hebrew.

“Omri ma nensak ya mamma”, “Abi Yadi “, henna song of the Jewish bride, or hits by the artists Samy El Maghribi and Salim Halali, these are the titles interpreted by the Moroccan Suzanne Harroch during the first edition of the festival “The rendez-vous of history”.

Indeed, she has interpreted, with sincerity, authenticity and charm, a Judeo-Moroccan repertoire demonstrating the richness of this beloved heritage. “This first edition of the festival brings Jews and Muslims together regardless of their beliefs,” she told MAP. An event so rich in meaning in a country where coexistence, tolerance and interaction between Jews and Muslims have always existed over the centuries. “I have a great passion for ghranati and melhoun, ” she told MAP, adding that she has been used to, since her early childhood, animating family parties and Shabbat in Tafilalet, her native region.

The one whose songs promote values of love, peace, solidarity and hope was “happy” to have had the appreciation and encouragement of the poet Malou Rouane, adding that she took part in the latest film by director and screenwriter Saad Chraibi, ” Les 3M “, interpreting musical excerpts in Arabic and Hebrew while ensuring a beautiful fluidity between the two languages.

(With MAP)