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The sumptuous photographs of Majida Khattari at L’atelier 21 (photos)  

Written by FDM

The artist Majida Khattari unveiled yesterday her breathtaking photographs at L’atelier 21 gallery. With consummate art, the artist revisits and recreates snapshots that dominate Orientalist painting. The opening of her exhibition attracted beautiful people.

“À la lumière des corps” (In the light of the body) is the well-chosen title of an exhibition that transports visitors to the heart of Majida Khattari’s sumptuous photographs. The writer, essayist and playwright Rachid Benzine who is none other than the curator of the exhibition evokes the work of the artist in his words: “In the very meticulous composition of these photos, there is the recomposition of life, the desire to gather the scattered ends of exploded and dirty lives, and to move them from the shadow of pain to the light of rebirth.”

It is true that Majida Khattari is one of the rare contemporary artists who place the notion of beauty at the center of their aesthetic approach. The result is breathtaking serene beauty and mystery that plunge the viewer into a world apart, where beauty makes less painful sharpness of the tragic.

As a reminder, Majida Khattari has been known since 1996 to create performances inspired by the situation of women in Arab societies, as the art gallery explains in a statement, stating that she is portraying models that carry “clothing-sculptures” dealing with the status of women but also referring to contemporary political events, issues of secularism and religion. On the walls of L’Atelier 21 , a series of photographs representing staged productions to revisit the snapshot that dominates Orientalist painting.

Until November 5, 2019
Art Gallery L’Atelier 21, 21, rue Abou Mahassine Arrouyani (formerly rue Boissy-d’Anglas) Casablanca