Stuffed cucumber with tuna, vegetable skewers with cheese

Written by FDM

Dr. Imane Slaoui is a micronutrition specialist and well-being enthusiast. She has just launched My Healthy Meal in collaboration with Maison Amande et Miel and she is sharing with us two of her healthy recipes.

Tuna Filled Cucumber

– Cucumber
– Tuna with water
– Lightened white cheese
– Salt and pepper


Peel the cucumbers and cut into 2 cm high tubes and empty the inside.
Prepare the stuffing with a can of water tuna that you mix with 100 g of lightened white cheese with salt and pepper. Crush with a fork to obtain a pie.
Stuff the cucumbers with the tuna filling and decorate with cherry tomatoes and herbs.

Skewers with vegetables and cheese


– Zucchini
– Eggplant
– Cherry tomatoes
– Gouda Light


Cut zucchini and eggplant into large dices. Toast in the oven. Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves. Cut Gouda Light into cubes.
Garnish the skewer sticks by alternating the different vegetables and the cheese.
Serve with olive oil sauce, parsley, and lemon juice.