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Study finds 8 million Moroccan women of marriageable age are single

Written by FDM

The number of single women in Morocco has increased, according to a recent study by Family Optimise, a British NGO that studies daily life and its patterns. Over 60 percent of women at a marriageable age said to be single and more career-oriented.

Single or ‘unmarried’ women over 30 shall be reassured, because there are 8 million to have the exact same status. According to the recent statistics of the British NGO, Family Optimise, it appears that the rate of celibacy amongst women has even increased by 4.6%.

In fact, the study suggests that Moroccan women are increasingly inclined to marry on average at the age of 28, while men at the age of 27. These numbers can be explained by the education of women and by the quest for independence and financial autonomy. Indeed, more and more women are pursuing advanced education and entering the workforce before thinking about having a ring on their finger.

“Mentalities are changing” the report concluded. Moroccan women are growing to be more decisive and expressive. They want to shape society, not just as mothers or daughters, but rather as financially and politically independent individuals.