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 Students launch #BeHappih campaign to break the menstruation taboo in Morocco

Written by FDM

Five Sciences Po Paris students are launching in the Marrakech region the first part of their pilot project, “Humanitarian Action for Protection and Preservation of Intimacy Hygiene” (HAPPIH), which unravels the subject of periods.

Scheduled from December 15 to 17, “Humanitarian Action for Protection and Preservation of Intimate Hygiene” (“Be Happih”) is the name of the initiative carried by five students of Sciences Po Paris with the support of Monaco’s International Cooperation Department (DCI).

A pilot project in Morocco undertaken by Charles Culioli, Walid Ben Hamadi, Moez Rais, Rita Sekkat and Denizalp Goktas, from different countries including the kingdom. Their aim is to support vulnerable children in Morocco, address the taboo subject of menstruation, and thus change mentalities. The campaign came along with a distribution of washable sanitary towel kits for girls in a boarding school near south of Marrakech.

Indeed, it is difficult for teenager girls or young women living in a disadvantaged environment to pay for disposable sanitary towels. As a result, they are obliged to stop school for a few days, because ” a simple red spot at school can be a subject of mockery or excuses not to go,” said the campaign conductors.

To set up such a project, this small group of young people approached the Tunisian association ” Wallah We Can” which provided washable sanitary napkins to the schoolgirls of a boarding school. An initiative that inspired the Sciences Po Paris team to distribute washable and reusable sanitary napkin kits, and set up workshops to raise awareness of intimate hygiene issues in the presence of doctors, as the organizers explained on their Facebook page.

The five students relied on the National Institute of Solidarity with Women (INSAF), which helps women and children in need, to define an action zone in the Marrakech region. The project will be set up in Dar Attaliba d’Imintanout. A digital campaign was also launched with the hashtag #BeHappih.