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Story of a Moroccan educator as told by the international NGO CARE

Written by FDM

The NGO CARE, which helps women undertake liberation, launches its first social network campaign: Seven stories of seven women from around the world. The latest of which is the story of a Moroccan: Nadia,  an educator in Casablanca.

From November 6 to 12,  CARE France post Instastories on their Instagram account to describe the daily life of women scattered around the world who fight against poverty. Titled « Les stories du bout du monde » the campaign aims to represent  » all those who demonstrate incredible determination to fight poverty and improve the lives of their families, » says the association.

Friday, November 10, is the day of Nadia’s story, a 39-year-old Moroccan educator. She is head of a pre-school unit in Casablanca. She is in charge of an establishment that welcomes nearly 60 children in one of the most disadvantaged areas of the city. And « education is an essential right to build a quality life, » says the NGO, before stressing that « every day, Nadia fights to provide children with the conditions necessary for their awakening and their fulfillment « . Nadia, like others of this operation,  » represents the millions of women we support around the world, » insists CARE, which defends access to pre-school education.

 » In Morocco, the lack of qualified educators, the lack of equipment and the lack of early childhood care structures largely explain school drop-out and repetition in primary school, » said the association. The goal of the campaign is also to  » show the many similarities we share, such as the little moments of everyday life such as meals or tender moments with their children, » without forgetting that these activist women,  » Live in a completely different reality … in extremely precarious conditions.  »