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Spider meat roll with citrus fruits, avocado, and chia tile

Written by FDM

Do you enjoy cooking like a chef? put yourself to the test by making this delicious recipe proposed by Chef Salim Ait Ezzine from Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay.

Spider Crab

–  100 g of crab meat
–  1/2 lemon
–  lemon confit
–  2 petals of tomato confit
–  1/2 basil
–  Salt and pepper


–  2 avocados
–  1 lime
–  Olive oil

Chia tile

–  80 g of chia sheath
–  20 g of egg white
–  80 g of rice flour
–  5 g of salt

Mango puree

–  1 piece of mango
–  Olive oil
–  Pm tandoori

Citrus condiment

–  300 g of orange juice

–  200 g of grapefruit juice

–  1 g of lime zest

–  2 g of lemon zest

–  3 g of orange zest


Spider crab: cook the spider crab the English way for about 7 min after boiling with a branch of dried fennel and some black peppercorns.

Shell the spider, thoroughly clean the flesh of all pieces of shell or cartilage.
Season the flesh with the lime juice and zest, chopped candied lemon, candied tomato brunoise, chopped basil, salt and pepper
Avocado: peel and cut the avocado into thin slices, place them half superimposed on a wrapped sheet. Season with lime juice and olive oil.
Chia tile: mix together, spread at 90 g per tray, bake at 125 ° for 30 minutes, dry oven.
Mango puree: cut the mango into large pieces, mix everything while adding a little olive oil until the puree is homogeneous and without lumps
Citrus condiment: bring the juice to a boil, cook for 15 min, pass through a Chinese cheesecloth, and let it take. Mix in a blender, adding the zest, and reserve in a pipette.Chef’s adviceSpider flesh is moderately endowed with minerals and trace elements, unless it is consumed with its coral (the orange part), which then boosts its intake, particularly in calcium (175 mg / 100 g) and manganese.
Chia seeds provide a good source of calcium and phosphorus and a very good source of dietary fiber and manganese.
Avocado, rich in lipids, is beneficial for health.–