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Spain: Women march in solidarity of sexually assaulted Moroccan Farmers 

Written by FDM

 A march of solidarity with Moroccan seasonal workers who have been sexually assaulted has taken place on June 17 in Huelva, Spain.

The march, organized by The Andalusian Workers’ Syndicate (SAT) to denounce the sexual abuse of agricultural Moroccan workers, saw the participation of many Moroccan and Spanish women, who called on the Spanish government to intervene and restore the rights of these seasonal workers.

Women chanting and holding banners saying “Work Without Sexual Slavery”  are seen in the video below. Some even ululated in Moroccan style.

Two men were detained within this month in the province of Huelva for sexual abuse allegations in the fields. The complaint filings began following the publication of a survey by the media Buzzfeednews and Correctiv denouncing sexual abuse on farms in Spain, Italy and Morocco.