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Spain recruits 6,100 new Moroccan workers for strawberry harvesting campaign in Huelva

Written by FDM

6,100 Moroccan first-time seasonal workers will be hired as part of the strawberry and red fruit harvesting campaign in the province of Huelva (southern Spain), while another 13,000 workers will repeat, says the Spanish news agency EFE.

Delegations from Spanish agricultural organizations will visit Morocco next week to select seasonal workers, the Spanish agency says, citing sources in the sector.

The working conditions will be explained to the candidates during the selection process. The successful candidates will then go to Huelva gradually, in three phases.

According to EFE, the first group will arrive in the province of Huelva in mid-December. Previously, the first batch arrived at the beginning of February, the second at the beginning of March and the last at the end of March.

Note that in early November, the Ministry of Labor and Professional Integration announced that Spain has expressed “his wish” to recruit, nearly 16,500 Moroccan seasonal workers in the picking of strawberries and berries in the province of Huelva (south of Spain).

The 2018-2019 campaign had benefited 14,572 Moroccan women workers.