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Soukaina Bamzil elected Queen of Roses 2019

Written by FDM

Soukaina Bamzil is the new Queen of Roses. The contest is part of this old tradition organized at the 57th International Rose Perfume Festival held April 24-28 in Kelaât M’Gouna, Tinghir province.

Soukaina Bamzil is the new and sweet face of the International Rose Perfume Festival. Dressed in a beautiful traditional costume, the 23-year-old from Tinghir province was crowned Queen of Roses at the 57th edition of this event organized under the theme “The perfume rose, a strong leverage for employment and local economic dynamics”.

A festival during which the Rose perfume has sublimated as well as its valley since a panoply of cultural and artistic activities specific to the region has been beautifully put forward.