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Souheil Benbarka’s “Sand and Fire” in theaters from October 2nd

Written by FDM

Moroccan director Souheil Benbarka returns to the Moroccan film scene with a new feature film entitled “De Sable et de Feu (the impossible dream!)”.  It premiered on September 25th in Megarama, Casablanca in the presence of many.

This Moroccan-Italian co-production distributed by Canal 4 will be screened in cinemas starting October 2nd. Screened in more than 40 countries, this film brings together major Spanish, Italian and Moroccan actors. They include Spaniards Rodolfo Sancho and Marisa Paredes, Italians Carolina Crescentini, Giancarlo Giannini and Moroccans Youssef Kerkour, Hamid Basket and Kamal Moummad.

Shot between Italy, Morocco and England “Sable and Fire (the impossible dream!)” Tells the extraordinary adventures of a conspirator of genius, Domingo Badia, aka Ali Bey El Abbassi.   The story of this legendary character of the nineteenth century is reported for the very first time on the big screen: spy, orientalist, astronomer, philosopher, adventurer, polyglot, adulated royal courts of the time, Ali Bey meets Lady Hester Stanhope, an English aristocrat who, under the name of Meléki, lived an extraordinary destiny in the Middle East where she was crowned queen of Palmyra by the Bedouin tribes. “I have always freely chosen my subjects and the protagonists of my films,” says Souheil Benbarka.

Through sublime images of Eastern landscapes and breathtaking scenes of action, Souheil Benbarka offers here an adventure film, created in the tradition of popular epics, enameled with twists and carried by intrepid heroes. With Ali Bey, the viewer is transported through Spain, France, England, Morocco, in the lavish decorations of the palaces of Madrid, Paris, London, and Morocco in the early nineteenth century. And with Lady Hester, he travels through the burning deserts of Arabia and the ruins of Palmyra.