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Souad Benkaddour awarded for her commitment towards refugees

Written by FDM

The Rodolfo Benito Samaniego Foundation has awarded Souad Benkaddour, a Moroccan woman living in Madrid, for her support to hundreds of Syrian refugees who have arrived in Spain.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais speaks of at least 500 people from Syria, Palestine, Iraq or Bangladesh that have received aid from Souad Benkaddour on her own initiative without financial support. The organization that bears the name of one of the victims of the attacks of March 11 in Madrid has put forward the values worn body and soul by the brave Souad Benkaddour.

The Moroccan expatriate in Madrid, since the 2000s, battles for these men and women who fled their countries. A neighbor, an acquaintance, everyone calls Souad who doesn’t hesitate to come to their assistance. She receives plenty of calls along the lines of  “Souad, we need your help.”

Even today, her phone is on 24 hours a day and her thoughts are mostly with them. Her devotion will not cease until the war in Syria ends. And as she told the Spanish newspaper, “I do not regret having dedicated my time nor my life to this cause”.