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SOS Villages d’Enfants organizes a charity event to help children with no family

Written by FDM

On April 27, 2019, the SOS Villages d’Enfants Association will organize a charity event to raise funds to support the care of children who grow up without families.

“The mobilization of everyone is crucial because it will continue to provide basic food, education and clothing needs of children supported by the association,” said Béatrice Béloubad Director of SOS Children’s Villages Morocco.

The event will see the participation of many stars of the Moroccan song and comedy scene, who have responded to the association’s call. Ferdaous singer with a golden voice, Lamiss virtuoso violinist, and Asmaa El Arabi, the Moroccan comedian with an incisive look and full of derision, pledged to carry the voice of the children during this evening.

“I am happy to contribute my way since 2006 to support children who do not have a home.” Said the artist Ferdaous.

A gala dinner and an auction are also key moments of the event.