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“Sorry for the damage”: the world seen by Cali at Galerie 38 in Casablanca 

Written by FDM

Galerie 38 presents, from June 26 to July 26, an exceptional urban art exhibition by Cali, an artist who impresses with her undeniable talent, her very personal technique and her flawless originality.

Cali, whose real name is Caroline Limousin, presents her series “Sorry for the damage”: colorful realistic canvases, partly drawn with a ballpoint pen. At the age of 33, Cali, continues to develop her art and reinforce her roots in a constantly changing urban market. Equipped with her Bic pens, her warned look and her boundless energy, Cali draws, paints, cuts and glues pieces of life.

She’ll delicately propose her vision of the world at Gallery 38 in Casablanca. Her paintings are mostly a reflection of the prominent news or societal issues of our decade. Her style? Very realistic. For example, she draws precisely the faces of her favorite characters or international celebrities. Her paintings simply impress by their accuracy.

Cali, who was born in France in 1985, moved to Marrakech in 2013 for an artistic residency at the BCK Art Gallery, which she finally pursues in Casablanca via La Galerie 38. Today, the young woman is one of the leading artists on the urban scene.