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Sonia Noor releases new single ‘Poco a Poco’

Written by FDM

Poco a Poco, the song by Sonia Noor is an ode to life and it’s available since the end of November on all streaming platforms and social networks.

Singer, guitarist and composer, the Moroccan artist Sonia Noor has been passionate about music ever since childhood. Her musical universe reflects her cultural identity where Gnawa and oriental rhythms are combined with soul and pop influences.

After a remarkable participation in the French program La Nouvelle Star in 2016, she participated in several events such as the Festival Jazzablanca in 2018 or the festival of the National Circus School Shems’y marked by the artistic creation “Amakyn” by Fatym Layachi and in which she plays the main role of a musical.

Sonia Noor collaborates with several artists such as Asmaa Hamzaoui, the rising star of the Moroccan Gnawa or even Coralie Hérard, who is called the black diamond of Haiti.

Since September 2017, Noor has been promoting her EP with Maroc Live Entertainment Group, which she shares with her audience during concerts and festivals.