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Singer-songwriter Hassan Megri, member of Les Frères Megri band, died

Written by FDM

The singer-songwriter, Hassan Megri, a member of the famous band Les Frères Megri, died Sunday, July 14 in Rabat, after a long illness. He was 77 years old. MAP reported.

The eldest brother Megri has passed away. Hassan died Sunday, July 14 in Rabat after a long illness. A man of many talents, Hassan Megri is, first and foremost, the founder of the legendary Moroccan group Les Frères Megri, which has marked generations with tracks like “Lili Touil” (“My night is long”).

A sibling composed of Hassan, Mahmoud, Younès and Jalila who performed, among others, at L’Olympia de Paris (1976) and who also won the title of golden record (PHILIPS) and the Rabab d’Or prize (2003) awarded to the big stars of the Arab world, under the sponsorship of the International Council of Music – UNESCO.

In addition to being the famous singer-songwriter, Hassan Megri, he was also a painter and a diligent researcher in Persian iconographic calligraphy. Founder of the National Music Committee, he was awarded the Gold Medal by the Arts-Sciences-Lettres Academy of Paris and the World Medal of Freedom awarded by The American Biographical Institute.