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Siham Bouhlal invited to a Night of Poetry

Written by FDM

The poet, novelist and French historian of Moroccan decent, Siham Bouhlal will participate in “La Nuit de la poésie” (the Night of poetry) on Saturday, November 17 at the French Institute of Rabat. An event that takes place for the first time in Morocco.

As in Cairo, Baghdad, Doha, Jeddah, Riyadh, Khartoum, Manama, Abu Dhabi, Tunis and, the Night of Poetry is organized for the first time in Rabat on Saturday, November 17 from 6pm to midnight. An array of guests are expected to take part including the French poet and novelist of Moroccan origin, Siham Bouhlal, known for her translations of medieval texts such as  Le livre de brocart or La société raffinée de Bagdad in the Xth Century , Connaissance de l’Orient, Gallimard 2004.

Bouhlal also has several beautiful books to her credit with painters of different nationalities and horizons, which portray the strong link between poetry and painting. Siham Bouhlal likes to talk about love as in Poèmes Bleus (Tarabuste, 2005) or Corps lumière (Al Manar 2008), which was part of the selection for the Max Jacob Award.
Other guests include Sylvestre Clancier, poet, essayist and literary critic, and Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, poet, writer, journalist and director of MAP. On the program of this Night: discussions, poetic performances, round tables, readings in foreign languages and poetry games, but also poetic creation workshops and a show in Arabic, Amazigh, Darija and French by the Wa9ILA troupe composed of seven speakers.