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Short films: Marroc, Hicham Lasri’s hard-hitting trilogy on society

Written by FDM

Hicham Lasri returns to short films and presents a fantastic and impactful trilogy on society, launched successively on Youtube from Friday, September 25. Through his unique vision of the world, the director once again sparks interest.

“Each film is a chapter which tells the fate of atypical characters in an anxiety-provoking, mythological reality of genre film, a comedy about the irrational and the love of cinema”, thus presents the director Hicham Lasri who revealed three short films the past week.

The intention is to “Revive the spirit of short films produced in Morocco” which today is a concentration “of short films mostly cobbled together by unscrupulous producers and young directors too young to fight to impose a singular and cinematographic vision“, He claims in his presentation note.

The trilogy, called Murroc and composed of “The Last Arab movie“, ” Androids and Zombies” and “Cruelty-free”, which decrypts society, an absurd society where madness and violence reign. The proof is the short film “Cruelty-free” in which we discover Nada, an attractive young woman who walks in the city dragging a microwave oven. She goes through her path and meets some strange characters. Over time, we realize that Nada is in shock: her husband, also mad, killed her little dog by cooking it in the microwave. Nada is upset, loses her sanity, and falls into a delirium. And she is not the only one …

The three movies are now up on Youtube.