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She creates a resume with Instagram, posts it on LinkedIn and receives hundreds of employment proposal

Written by FDM

A 20 year-old student from France was looking for an internship and had the brilliant idea to make a resume via the “Stories” of Instagram, compiling photos and adding drawings and texts. And it worked!

Not easy to stand out on online professional networks flooded with information and candidates. Anaëlle Antigny understood it well. That’s why she created a resume  2.0 while looking for an internship in digital communication. On January 26, the French young woman posted the video on the professional platform LinkedIn  where it was spotted by the website Creapillsa.

This passionate content creator has preferred to show directly what she was capable of creating as an unusual resume “I thought it was in relation with my career plan and that it would attract more the attention of companies that need an intern in this field,” she explains to HuffPost France.

As in a classic resume, the young woman details her experiences, her passions, her school career, or her language skills.  Here is the result :

This very original initiative was very popular with users … but also recruiters. A week after posting this video, Anaëlle had received a hundred requests for contact, about thirty private messages, all positive, thousands of “likes” and above all had five interviews!