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Shatha Hassoun unveils first single in Moroccan Darija 

Nearly ten years after she started her singing career, the Iraqi-Moroccan Shatha Hassoun has just released her first single in Darija:  « El Donia Ma Saybash ».

The pop song, with middle easten melodies and western beats displays a confident Shatha Hassoun. The singer showcases a strong personality through lyrics defiying a hot and cold love interest, along with an all-women dancers choreography boasting  the Girl Power effect.

Born to an Iraqi father and a Moroccan mother, Shatha Hassoun rose to fame as the winner of the 4th season of the pan-Arab television talent show Star Academy. She was the first woman to win the competition.  She is currently one of the most popular singers in both the Middle East and Maghreb region. Her family, which includes her parents and her only brother, reside in Morocco while she currently lives in Dubai.