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Sexual harassment: the first defendant in Fez escapes trial

Written by FDM

A few weeks ago, a 66 years-old man from Fez was detained after harassing a young woman in the streets. It was a first in Morocco but the story seems to conclude rather early…

The case is now pending judgment according to, EFE, the Spanish press agency.The 18-year-old complainant allegedly withdrew her complaint before the case was brought to the first instance court. The girl did not show up at the trial, nor did her abuser.

It appears that the 66-year-old artist, as described by Assabah newspaper, who is now out on bail, and his family, eventually made an arrangement with the victim, about ten days after his detention. According to the Spanish press, the man is said to have come from a powerful Fez family who have supposedly used his influence to obtain his release. The victim would have accepted an arrangement despite the seriousness of the facts.

According to Assabah paper, in its edition of September 22-23, the painter is the first defendant after the entry into force of the law 103-13, which combats sexual harassment. Near the Hassan II Avenue of the spiritual capital, he could not “hold back” when he saw a beautiful young lady go by. Despite his warnings, he continued to flirt with soft words and gestures with sexual connotations.

Shocked, the victim spoke to the police who arrested the alleged harasser. He was brought before the Fez Public Prosecutor’s Office and confused by a prosecutor’s assistant, especially since witnesses had supported the victim’s version. And, not presenting any guarantees of appearing in a state of freedom, he was imprisoned at the prison Bourkayez in the region of Fez.