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“Serek F’Bir”, Jihane Bougrine’s New MV Featuring Assaad Bouab

Written by FDM

Jihane Bougrine’s “Serek F’Bir”, from her second album “Lyam”, addresses the weight of secrets in Moroccan and Arab society. For this video, the artist was able to count on the appearance of the Franco-Moroccan actor Assaad Bouab.

“Serek F’Bir” (“your secret is well kept”) is the new song composed and written by Jihane Bougrine. Through this track, the singer-songwriter and the first Moroccan to have signed with Universal Music Mena, tackles the weight of secrets in Moroccan and Arab society.

“Secrets can kill. This song is a way to free the word and remind people that there is always someone to open their heart to and who has the power to reach out to you” said the musician who was inspired by a family story which she dusted off almost in spite of herself. “I discovered a family secret through a novel that was given to me. As if someone sent me a message, given me tracks of a riddle that I had to solve, of a truth that I had to restore», continued the artist who decided to make a song of it.

On the other hand, Jihane teamed up with the director, editor, and founder of Free Monkeyz, Julien Fouré, and the Franco-Moroccan actor Assaad Bouab, who notably played in Marrock, Dix Pour Cent, and in The Pursuit of Love. “I wanted to tell this story through a strong male figure because it is the story of the men in my family. Who better than Assaad Bouab to portray it”, she explained.

Shot in Essaouira, this clip follows the journey of a lost man, brought back by the sea carrying a briefcase with him as if he was carrying around the misery of the world in search of a past or a future, obsessed with a shadow that seems to pursue him.